Hi, my name is Sharon and welcome!  


I live in the Upper Eden Valley in Cumbria, with my gorgeous family. My husband, who works as a stone mason, and our son, the most cheery little boy, who does the best job of constantly keeping us amused! Living in Eden puts so many amazing landscapes right on our doorstep - a constant supply of natural inspiration and settings for my work and leisure time!

A little more about Me... Well, a love and appreciation for all things creative and expressive have always been in me – pretty much for anything that can evoke a deeper sense of self, feeling or expression; or to create a greater understanding of the world around us.  From a student age, I have held a fascination with design and the arts, but my career path was led by my head, not my heart! Twenty-something years down the line, in 2020, with my own home and family now tucked under my belt, I was presented with a fork in the road; an opportunity to start following my heart a little and take my passion to the next level, making it into a business. 

Photography has interested me for many years and I have slowly developed my skills and confidence to where I am today, along with a return to college to seal that knowledge and further my technical understanding.  

As with any form of art, the enjoyment of a final piece is a very personal choice.  When working with a client, I want to get a real feel of what they want to achieve and aim to make the journey as easy and enjoyable for them as possible along the way.  


As a conscientious business, I make all decisions based on these core values as my guiding principles.


Ease & Enjoyment

To make the client journey as easy and enjoyable as possible.


Honesty & Integrity

Believe in a foundation of trust, respect & providing ethical working practices.


Equality & Expression

To celebrate individual difference and value the desire to explore, be inspired and express our inner potential.




Commitment to providing quality services & products and strive for continuous improvement.



Support the use of our local suppliers and choose ethical and sustainably sourced products where ever possible.